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Choosing your frames isn’t a rushed afterthought at our practice; it’s an experience in itself

When it comes to choosing new eyewear, the possibilities are almost endless. The process of selecting new frames is an exciting one, as you have the opportunity to choose something that reflects your style and personality too.

With so many colours, styles, shapes, and brands to choose from, however, sometimes the options can become a little overwhelming. But here at Robsons Opticians, our fully qualified and experienced team are on hand to help you narrow down your options.

Ever wondered whether that latest frame shape would suit your face? Wonder no more. We use Optikam which can take pictures of your face when you’re wearing different frames, so you can see at the touch of a button which styles flatter you best.

You won’t be disappointed by the range of frame brands we have available either. We specialise in designer frames for the optimum level of comfort and visual experience they provide, so you’ll see well-known names like Lacoste and Ted Baker on our shelves. We’ve also got some world-renowned optical makes in stock, like Titanflex and Flexon titanium models which are famed for their strength and resilience.

Let us help you find the perfect lenses to compliment your frame selection.

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